GIOSTAR – GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF STEM CELL THERAPY AND RESEARCH Regenerative medicine has been called the "next evolution of medical treatments," by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. “With its potential to heal, this new field of science is expected to revolutionize health care.”

The European Medical Association (EMA) is a European forum bringing together colleagues working in the European medical community through the distribution of information and services. It is committed to improving the quality of care offered to patients by updating the knowledge and skills of its membership and seeks to influence developments in European health care by reflecting its members’ views.

The Belgian Association for Tissue and Cell Banks aims to associate all individuals involved in tissue banking throughout Belgium. The main aim of the organization is to provide teaching and training activities for its members and to promote quality and safety assurance in the field of cell and tissue banking for human therapeutic use.

The Australian Wound Management Association (AWMA) is a multi-disciplinary, non-profit association consisting of persons who are committed to developing and improving wound management for all individuals through education, research, communication and networks.